We’re here to do three things:
Have Fun. Make Money. Do Good for the World.

We embody these principles in everything we do.

We’re not your traditional agency and although we enjoy working hard for our clients, we like to speed up their success by providing them a tangible ROI on every advertising expenditure through our Client Reinvestment Program® (CRP). We live in an era where everything is quantifiable: every view, click, redemption… we take “quantifiable” to a whole new level by investing in our clients every time they spend money on advertising, printing and promotional materials. The planning and buying is part of the “Fun” but we also enjoy developing (client approved) promotions that further our clients’ brands.

Making Money: we’re good at writing checks to our clients and furthering their bottom line. We make back our investment when we sell our client’s products/services (our CRP purchases) through approved promotions. And we have fun developing the cross promotions with our media vendors and client base!

Do Good for the World: it is our mission to not only be good corporate citizens, but to put our money where our heart is. In 2016 IGT partnered with several leading educational and environmental organizations and has committed to donating to these various causes on behalf of our current and future CRP clients.

Our Team

Ric Roth

President & CEO

Mark Mechanic


Bryan Roth

Vice President Sales


Our clients receive maximum value.

Whether we are working alongside an agency partner and placing a client’s existing buy or developing a new plan from scratch, we work with our media vendors to ensure our clients receive maximum value. We never accept the “status quo” and always seek out new avenues to increase reach/frequency, added-value, and innovative opportunities. What’s more, on every plan we seek to attach the highest CRP possible to provide the client with the greatest immediate ROI.


We maximize opportunities.

The “execution” to us is more than just placing a client’s media buy. It’s ensuring timely, accurate delivery of the schedule, monitoring the buy as it progresses, and ensuring we maximize opportunities to deliver additional value propositions. While our buyers are ensuring the media plan’s delivery, our business development team is hard at work developing (client approved) cross-promotions to utilize our CRP purchases and drive even more customers through our clients’ doors.


We take our clients’ brands further.

With every advertising schedule, our team seeks out opportunities to take our clients’ brands further by incorporating promotions with our media vendors. We know that the advertising is just one component of our clients’ marketing, and by taking a 360 degree approach to their media plan, we can help them outperform.

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